Office Connections was founded In Houston, Texas on the principal of helping your company or office running more efficiently. We help you do what you do best – run your business. With 80% of all business communication conducted over the phone, missing a call can hurt your business.  Roughly 85% of missed calls from interested parties will not reach back out to that company in the future. That is where we come into play, with a dedicated team of energetic, professional representatives who fully engage with your clients to make them feel welcomed and to get solid and accurate details in order to best serve you and your business.

The nationwide average cost to have a full-time receptionist is $26,760 a year, (not including any benefits and payroll expenses). With Office Connections you not only have a full-time team member, you have a team member starting at just $49 a month! Call us today to set up a meeting with our sales team!

Our Mission

To build long lasting relationships with our clients and effectively help them grow their business while exceeding their expectations. In return, saving time and money to further their personal and business goals!

  1. Integrity
  1. Exceptional Performance
  1. Growth
  1. Dedication

Leading business to be more productive!